After a week of camping in Yosemite heading back home we were craving for some authentic Mexican food and Old Mexico Taqueria totally deliver it on point.
Steven L. - yelp
They have a huge menu and reasonable prices.
Garret H - yelp
Old Mexico is the very best mexican food I have ever had! Lucas is a great bartender!
Angela Ahmed - Facebook
The only problem with Afghanistan is they don't have an Old Mexico Taqueria here!
Tiffany Marie - Facebook
Your student burrito combo made my day everytime, Kudos!
Ryan Wensloff - Facebook
Honestly, living in the city now I haven't found a burrito that comes close to the one I get here.
Garet H. - yelp
Man I could go for some avacado tacos right now
Jeff Parish - Facebook
I've had your margaritas, pure awesomeness...
Patty Villareal-Aguirre - Facebook
I need your burrito.
Antonion Marinoni - Facebook
Thanks for the great food & service
Laura Finley - Facebook


The classic, powerful meal that helps you take on the day.
A delightful, hearty mexican sausage.
Shredded beef.
Chile verde.
Two extra large eggs, with options of eggs, meat, cheese, potatoes, rice, and beans.


Meat, beans, cheese and "The Works".
Six shredded beef or chicken taquitos, guacomole, sour cream.
Mini bean and cheese burritos, taquitos, and quesadillas with guacamole and sour cream.
Served with guacamole and sour cream.
Meat, refried beans and "The Works".
Lettuce, meat, beans, rice & "The Works".
Tri-Tip, beans, rice and "The Works".
Chile con carne or chile verde and beans, topped with more sauce and melted cheese.
Meat & your choice of ingredients.
Grilled veggies, rice, whole beans, and "The Works".
Shrimp, beans, rice, and "The Works".
Pork cubes in a delicious green chile sauce.
Tender chunks of roasted pork and guacamole.
Large deep-fried tortilla filled with meat and beans, topped with sour cream and guacamole.
4 taquitos with guacamole and sour cream.
Chile verde or chile con carne and beans topped with more sauce and melted cheese.
Delicious fresh grilled carne asada steak.
Grilled steak or chicken with grilled veggies.
Enchilada, Taco, Burrito, Tostada, Tamale, two Taquitos, or Chile Relleno with Rice, Beans, Chips, & Salsa.
Corn tortillas with your choice of meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.
Fresh, grilled fish with lettuce and tomato.
Grilled Shrimp, cabbage, tomato, and cheese.
Fresh, grilled veggies, whole beans, and guacamole.
Our signature fresh sliced avacados, lettuce, and cheese in one delicious package.